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The CURRENT Employment Market and our 40th Anniversary!

The Current Employment Market and our 40th Anniversary!


2012 was one heck of a year and 2013 show no signs of letting up.

In 2012, we saw a tremendous amount of Job Order activity from existing clients as well as new clients and new plant start ups. Manufacturing is strong right now in the United States and seems to be immune to all the political nonsense we hear on the 24 hour news cycle.

I met with an HR manager back in the fall to discuss us partnering with them on their recruiting needs. She was from Atlanta and when she explained to me what she was seeing in everyday life it mirrored my thoughts exactly. Restaurants on weekends are full. Retail seems to be very busy as well. We have seen a large uptick in hiring within manufacturing over the past 18 months and most recently new home sales reports have been extremely promising. She then told me something I already knew, “Right now, finding good employees is very hard”.

One of our senior recruiters had an opportunity to meet with a group of top level financial advisors.  One of the things that were brought up was some research done by The Boston Consulting Group (A big Think Tank). The group found that due to rising labor costs in China, cost of gas and electricity in China and cost of transportation of goods from China that approximately 800 thousand jobs in manufacturing will return to the United States by the year 2015.  These jobs are to be with all sorts of industries.

In 2013, The Austin Allen Company celebrates its 40 years of successful recruiting.

Over the years we have forged solid relationships with our clients and have assisted thousands of professionals with their careers.  With 2013 and beyond looking better than ever we will continue to help put America back to work!

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