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Looking For a Job and YOUR Social Media Presence – Observations from a Recruiters Perspective

Looking For a Job and YOUR Social Media Presence

Do you Tweet or Facebook?  Are you looking for work?

These two things may be incompatible if you are a professional looking for work.  Let me explain.

We live in a world where your resume gives a bit of information that’s legal to share.  Your social media may fill in the blanks and not in a positive way.  How about that picture at the class reunion where you are three sheets to the wind and holding a beer bong?  How about that photo of Tommy Chong someone tagged you with and says “Hey bro, remember our Amsterdam trip last year?” or even a few political rants done in 140 characters or less?

ALL of these things CAN and WILL be used against you in the court of employment.  Employers get your resume, copy and paste that name into the all-powerful wizard of Google and BAM you appear all over the place.  Many Facebook pages have enough introductory information for a hiring manager to see a shirt you are wearing that has a whole LOT of skin showing when you snapped that selfie and maybe an unflattering picture of you at a tail gate event. Some of the silliest stuff I have seen as a recruiter is finding people with a video rant blog on YouTube.

Just know decisions are being made at speeds that boggle the mind.  They are looking at you and asking themselves “How do I reject this person”.  Don’t give them a reason to!

The job market is tricky enough when the playing field is level don’t give a hiring manager a reason to hit the delete button on your resume sitting in their inbox.

What you SHOULD do is IF you have decided to have a LinkedIn page?

  • Use a professional picture of you. Not one holding a catfish from your latest deadliest catch moment.
  • Try and get peers and former bosses to leave recommendations about your work ability.
  • Be careful how you comment on things on the LinkedIn threads. (Its NOT Facebook)
  • KNOW the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn.

As for Facebook (Facebonkers, I call it!) make sure ALL questionable or semi-revealing photos are gone.  Keep posts light and fun.

Just think to yourself:  “Is this something mom or dad would want to see?”.  That can be a pretty good guide.

Dennis Cupp

Senior Recruiter & Managing Partner of The Austin Allen Company

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