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Employment is Strong with the United States!

Employment is Strong with the United States!

Its mid-2016 and the employment market is showing NO signs of letting up. Our own office has a ton of clients seeking help and our affiliate recruiters are sending request for help with their clients nonstop. Its not a geographical bubble either. From San Francisco to the east coast. As far south as the gulf coast all the way to Canada we are having clients give us assignments for recruiting assistance and begging for help.

There have been many recruitment experts say this bubble is due to bust but on the other hand they say it should stay strong till first quarter of 2017.

The highly controversial election season may have some impact but as we have seen already nothing is following predictable patterns so its anyone’s guess as to what to expect with the elections and employment. I clearly remember the impact of ‘counting chads’ had in the 2000 election. That type of uncertainty devastated my desk and I saw tons of job orders disappear overnight.

Oil & Gas were hit really hard this year as they were ‘fat’ with talent during the big boom years.  We are also seeing some companies do smaller reduction in force but that’s the normal ebb and flow of employment that I have seen over the 22 years I have been recruiting.

Recent articles about large companies “Bringing the Jobs Home” has employment confidence really high as well.

My goal for the remainder of this year is to do more personal blogging about employment than just posting articles I see about the subject. I think you’d appreciate hearing from the soldier in the trenches versus some writer at some website far removed from the day to day.

In the wake of the heartbreaking Orlando tragedy, be sure to hug everyone you love twice as much and make sure they know you love them!


Dennis Cupp

Managing Partner & Senior Recruiter

Austin Allen Company



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