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If you have an interest in any of these candidates (remember this is only a sample listing of our candidates. Additional candidates available.) please contact us at 901-756-0900 or Email us and provide us with the Candidate ID #, Your Name, Company Name and Email address. We will provide you with a complete resume for your review and consideration. Get job tips here.

Candidate: #36102 Position: Distribution Manager
Education: B.S. Logistics Management Experience: Supervises 35 employees. Handles Order Processing for fullfillment center. Responsible for Quality standards for outbound operations. Directed the packing and consolidating of outbound orders. Shipped and documented al international orders. Seeks  Mid $60’s – Low $70’s

Candidate: #34365 Position: Warehouse / Distribution Manager
Education: BBA degree Experience: 15 years warehousing / distribution experience. Supervises 21 team members. Very familiar with RF scanning & WMS. Implemented Lean Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement Processses. Seeks Low – Mid $60’s.

Candidate: #33448 Position: Inventory Control Manager
Education: Bachelors and Masters degrees. Experience: 13 years experience. Directs and supervises all inventory functions. Conducts daily random inventory cycle counts to ensure optimal inventory processes. Supervises 25 employees. Seeks Mid – High $50’s

For additional information, full resumes or to discuss a distribution industry job listing, please contact our national distribution recruiters at:

901-756-0900 or jobs@austinallen.com

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