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Bounty Jobs, Bounty Jobs, and Bounty Jobs

What exactly is Bounty Jobs?

Bounty Jobs is a 3rd party candidate referral company to many large organizations. Seemingly it’s a way for top companies to attract talent while managing multiple recruiters. Unfortunately in practice it’s much different. Recruiters are forced to accept insanely low fees, crazy guarantee periods and get paid many months after a candidates first start date, and after all of that the recruiter must forfeit part of the fee to Bounty Jobs. So it’s basically attracting the lowest form of recruiter.

There are many opinions on Bounty Jobs and a variety of angles to consider.

Clients see this method of recruiting as a way to limit the cost of fees associated with recruiting candidates.  They think it encourages the agencies to work in a cookie cutter manner that eliminates duplicate submissions and keeps cost low. What they don’t see is that it paints recruiters into a corner and the recruiter will simply submit candidates without qualifying them in hopes of being ‘the first one to the finish line’.  We call these types of recruiters “Paper Pushers”.

Candidates would not be pleased to learn how their sensitive personal information is handled – if they knew how they were being ‘peddled’ to client companies, they would be furious!

The question that we need to ask is:

What is the most valuable resource a company has?  Is it the building?  Is it the fancy Injection Molding Machine or Stamping Press?  Is it the new buzzword that the Quality consultants are selling?  Or is it THE EMPLOYEES?

Why would you want to get your most valuable resource through the lowest form of recruiting?  Would you also shop for a heart surgeon on craigslist?  I sure hope not!

In a recent national convention of this nation’s TOP recruiting professionals I attended, there was a unanimous groan when Bounty Jobs was brought up and very spirited discussions ensued.

Simply put, if you want a “Michal Jordan” recruiter working on your assignment, you won’t find them on Bounty Jobs.  Any recruiter signing up for bounty jobs is normally agreeing to a reduced fee and, in addition, they must pay Bounty Jobs 25% of the fee they receive.

Again, when shopping for a doctor to handle a very important surgery, would you knowingly sign up for the cheapest doctor who has to pay a fee to get this job?

Count me out!

We recently spoke with a very sharp HR manager who was almost hired at a company through the Bounty Jobs process.  The recruiter never called the candidate to ‘prescreen’ them on the job: interest level (is it a fit for you?), the location (will your family move?), or the compensation package (is this what you want for a base salary, perks, and benefits).  Nope!  They simply sent the resume to a company through the Bounty Jobs Database and there was no communications with either the candidate or client.  That was it.

This “recruiter” (I use this term loosely) was hoping that if they shoved enough resumes through the system, they would collect a fee.  The company then called this prospective HR Manger and started the dialogue.  This prospective HR manager was TOTALLY unprepared and surprised to get the call.  The process moved along and the company scheduled the interviews without any help from the referring agency.  The candidate was not prepared for the interview, what to expect, how long it would last…NO INFORMATION!  The interview went well, but this HR manager got NO feedback from the agency after the interview.  Again, out of the blue the company called and made an offer.  There was no help by the recruiter to help with the salary negotiations for the company or the candidate.  This HR manager ended up accepting the offer only to turn it down a week later due to a better offer and through the help of a well-trained recruiter.  The recruiter working Bounty Jobs simply flooded this company with resumes hoping one would stick.  Like throwing darts at a dartboard with a blind fold on.  Who wants to be represented this way?  I wouldn’t!

Companies think they are getting a bargain.  What they are not getting is VALUE, PROFESSIONALISM and QUALITY!  OUR recruiters provide a valuable service to our clients.  What value does a company get with multiple turndowns because candidates are not prepared; when you spend hundreds of dollars on wasted travel arrangements while interviewing ‘window shoppers’;  the countless hours wasted with your hiring managers with prospects that are under qualified or simply not serious?

I won’t lie: as a business owner, I thought about hiring an $8.00 per hour college student to flood Bounty Jobs with resumes.  They won’t have to really work with client companies the way real recruiters do: they won’t have to speak to candidates like our trained staff of executive recruiters do.  They’d be hired to simply ‘play the game’.  Then I came to my senses.  Why abuse companies or even worse, abuse professionals, with this lowest form of recruiting?  WE are professionals:  We have been in business for 40 years now and have built our reputation on providing EXCEPTIONAL service to our Client Companies, as well as building lifelong relationships with our candidates.

As a footnote, I serve as a congress representative in this National Association of Recruiting Firms (IPA) and as a result of the spirited discussion about bounty jobs; we have added new and very restrictive amendments to our rules as it relates to Bounty Jobs.  The decision was unanimous and when presented to the attending members everyone agreed.

The benefit of this new restriction is that the candidates we put on this national network will be given the confidential and professional treatment by all recruiting companies associated with IPA.  Our candidates will have greater success rates of being offered quality jobs with good salaries.  Candidates will receive guidance, encouragement, and support from these recruiters.  Internally at Austin Allen Company we continue our commitment to be the ones top source for Client companies who recognize the value an Award Winning firm can deliver, for the candidate it assures you that you won’t be one of hundreds of resumes being flooded on a job board. The candidates win – the clients win – and this is why Austin Allen Company is in business today and still one of the most successful independent recruiting firms in the nation.

If you are a company needing your talent problems solved, why bid your most valuable resource out to the lowest bidder?

If you are a candidate, you better be asking any OTHER recruiters you are working with if they are throwing your resume out to Bounty Jobs! With the Austin Allen Company, you wont have to worry!

Dennis Cupp – Managing Partner of the Austin Allen Company


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