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About Marla Ripperton Stahlhut

Marla Ripperton Stahlhut

Email: marla@austinallen.com

Phone: 901-756-0900
Senior Recruiter

Marla recently joined Austin Allen Company in June 2019.  Her recruiting experience spans over 20 years specializing in Human Resources, Engineering (all types), Plant Managers, Operations, high level accounting and executive level placements nationwide.  Her strengths are in developing business relationships and gaining trust with her clients and candidates.

Marla has a passion for the “hunt”;  sourcing candidates and developing those relationships that might bring a candidate and company together; a win-win for everyone.

In 2008, Marla attained her Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) designation. She has served as an Ambassador for the Memphis Chamber of Commerce, an Ambassador for the local SHRM chapter and served on the Board of Directors for the Institute of Management Accountants as Vice President of Membership and Marketing in 1998-1999 and Director of Member Acquisition in 1997-1998.


Marla is married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.  She enjoys sporting events and likes to dabble in essential oils.


See what people are saying about Marla:


Let me share my experience with Austin Allen Company and specifically, Marla Stahlhut.

Even though I was dis-satisfied at my prior employer, I was not actively seeking other employment opportunities. One afternoon Marla reached out to me based on an older resume I had submitted to Austin Allen at some time back. Marla introduced herself and gave me a quick synopsis of the opportunity that she was recruiting for. As I am older, I quickly advised Marla of my age and my lack of a degree. I went on to say that I did not want to waste her time or mine as many times before, I had been denied opportunities due to one or both of these facts.

Marla quickly explained the things that I perceived as roadblocks would not be an issue. After further conversation about my experience, my management style, and my personal objectives related to any change I may make, Marla assured me that the opportunity that she was presenting would be a good fit for me both professionally and personally. From that point forward Marla provided me with all the information I needed about the hiring company and their interview process. Marla professionally followed up after each step of the interview process both to see how I perceived the process as well as the client’s perception of me.

Through the entire process, Marla promptly answered all my questions as well as working with the client to accommodate my schedule for each phase of the interview process. Fortunately for me, I was awarded the position and now have the privilege of working with a great group of both senior and subordinate associates for a great employer. Without Marla’s patience during our first phone conversation, both myself and my employer would have missed out on a win/win result.  – CW


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