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About Allee Webb

Allee Webb
Email: allee@austinallen.com
Phone: 901-756-0900
  Executive & Technical Recruiter

Allee was recruited to the Austin Allen Company in 2011 after she was identified as a successful Branch Manager of a large staffing company where she helped many of Memphis’ premier companies staff their departments – even in the toughest of times.

Her focus at the Austin Allen Company has been successfully working with Manufacturers and Distributors in the Memphis and Mid-South area, including providing the first American engineers to a European startup company in North America.

When Allee is not recruiting for Top Contenders at the office, she is recruiting for her ‘Making Strides Against Breast Cancer’ Team.  As a two-time breast cancer survivor, she is dedicated to awareness, the cause, and the cure.  Her fighting spirit and determination reflects in her work ethic to never give up.

What people are saying……

“I was referred to Allee by a CT Group instructor that I greatly admire. She contacted me immediately and requested my resume and salary requirements. With Allee you are more than just a number. Allee is a dedicated professional, very courteous, and I look forward to working with her.” August 9, 2011 – C. Terry (Candidate)

“I have never been disappointed with the end results in terms of the business piece of our professional relationship. She puts herself in the clients chair and knows what is needed, expected and time line is. I could not ask for more. – M. Cain, HR Manager

Allee Webb has been the driving force behind our relationship and has always been available to do whatever was asked of her. She takes great pride in her work and has been very attentive to the needs of her clients. Allee has taken the time to know and understand our needs and has made a concentrated effort to find employees who fit our standards. I would not hesitate to recommend her to handle your business needs.
GM – Human Resource Manager – Temple – Inland

“I have worked with several professional recruiters throughout my career and Allee is by far the best. She was very professional, recognized my strengths and coached me on my weaknesses. Hands down she got me the best job of my career.” April 9, 2012 -David B. (Candidate)

“I’ve been in the workforce for over 40 years and have been fortunate to have never been un-employed until this past March. None the less I have dealt with and or used many, many recruiting services in that time and I can honestly say that I have never had the professional experience and pleasure of having dealt with any recruiter of the caliber that is represented by Ms. Webb. She has helped and is helping me greatly in my job search. Her candor, honesty and professionalism is, by far, the best I have ever encountered. She is extremely knowledgeable and has the ability to communicate and convey her/your companies views and professional knowledge and advice in an easy to understand and effective manner. Whether or not we are successful in Austin Allen being able to place me in a suitable position remains to be seen.  But if it does not happen it will be certainly no reflection on your services and those of Ms. Webb.  She and your company have gone way beyond my expectations and what I have come to accept as normal for recruiting companies. I am both personally and professionally impressed and felt that you need to hear my thoughts. Thank you very much for your efforts in assisting me with my job search. I will highly recommend Austin Allen and Ms. Webb to any and all of my professional associates.”  November 2, 2012- C. Dallas (Candidate)


“We have personally worked with Allee for a number of years and she has been very professional in all she has done for our company.When you need help she is quick to respond. It is very easy to get in touch with her and she is always on top of the circumstances. She tells you the truth and does what she says. I really appreciate her for that. Too many people promise you the moon and then they don’t deliver. That is not Allee. She is a turn to professional, and when she has an order, she is all over it. We give her big thumbs up  and appreciate her work and work ethic.”

Alesia H. – HR (Food Manufacturer)


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Allee for several years as she called on me as a client in a previous job.   In fact if it were not for her professionalism and persistence I would not have my current job.  When Allee contacted me about this opportunity I was a tough sell as I was content in the job I had.  I am fortunate she did not give up.  She was able to see what a great opportunity my current role was.  She handled herself in a very professional way, which is not that common in her industry.  She was completely honest and transparent.  That is particularly important because I can be confident that she providing the same level of service with candidates she presents to me.  Allee is a great resource and I give my highest recommendation. “

Keith P – HR Manager (Client) 

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